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Upcoming Workshops: Character Development

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT is at the core of what an actor does and who an actor is. If you’re at all serious about creating REAL, DEEP, BELIEVABLE characters, then you won't want to miss this workshop!


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Coach Clay Banks

The Actor's Advocate

Master Coach Clay Banks is the Actor's Advocate. Offering practical and applicable training for actors around the globe who are looking to develop their skills of the craft wherever they are! 

Coach Banks' students have worked with:

Robert DeNiro, Brad Pitt, David Duchovnny, Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Gillian Anderson, Steve carell, Anthony LaPaglia, Simon Baker, John Schneider, Frank Langella, Cameron Crowe, Ron Howard, David Fincher, Chris Carter, Kevin Dowling, Denzel Washington, Jon Favreau

On FILM/TV shows such as:

The Avengers, Touch, Mad Men, CSI, CSI NY, NCIS, The Green Lantern, The Mentalist, Dexter, Crossing Jordan, Pushing Daisies, Red Dawn, Bonnie and Clyde, The X-Files, Without A Trace, Mama Mia, Star Trek, Frost/Nixon, Little Miss Sunshine, Friends, Hairspray, Charmed, Antoine Fisher, Nip Tuck, Six Feet Under, Terminator, Sarah Connor Chronicles... and many more!