Class Package & Membership Options

  • $400.00 / month

    $400.00 / month2 Classes Per Week

  • $375.00 / month

    $375.00 / month1 Class Per Week + 1 Private Coaching Session/Monthly

  • $285.00 / month

    $285.00 / month1 Class Per Week

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  • $150.00 / month

    $150.00 / monthUnlimited Class Audits

  • $75.00

    $75.00CBSI Interactive Live Online Classes

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All CBSI classes are now being conducted via ZOOM.

And, they’re more intimate than you’d think.

Simple Steps for an Effective CBSI (Germ-Free) Zoom Class! 1 – Tech: Hop on your computer. Close all other windows and programs running on the computer, especially browser windows. Other software will compete for resources. 2 – Video Stream: Make sure that your mic and webcam are working properly before starting. You may have to adjust your computer settings. 3 – Internet: Verify your internet connection is strong. You may have to move around — watch your signal strength. 4 – Phones & Notifications: Turn off computer and phone notifications so you can be fully engaged in the work and ready to connect with your fellow actors. It’s time to act… yay! 5 – Distractions: Please be in a quiet place without any outside noises. Friends, animals, extremely well-nourished plants… 6 – Join Your Class: Click on the link for the class you’d like to join. 7 – No Stress: Plan on joining the session 10 minutes prior to the actual meeting for stress-free step-up.