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Over $1k Worth of Content!

  • 3 Twenty Minute Video Lessons

    [$397 Value]

  • Mini eCourse Workbook

    [$47 value]

  • Bonus Training Material

    [$647 Value]

In this Mini eCourse

Entertainment Industry Specialist & Master Coach Clay Banks Will Teach You ...

Image of Coach Clay Banks. Text reads: Meet Your Coach. Coach Clay Banks is an Instructor from SAG/AFTRA MEP Los Angeles and a Backstage magazine Industry Expert.
  • Script Analysis

    You'll learn about the different types of scripts and understanding their structure.

  • Story Structure

    You'll learn how to effectively understand story structure and how this applies to you as an actor.

  • Writer’s Intent

    You'll learn how to break down the given set of circumstances and how not to blow your reads.

Bonus Material

Key Industry Insights from Coach Banks

Coach Banks Shares The #1 Thing That Will Keep YOU From a Career in the Entertainment Industry! Watch and Learn How to Avoid That One Mistake!

Student Bookings

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